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High performance entrepreneurship is neither an accident nor a coincidence, but the result of continual innovation, pre-meditated planning, honing the skills, deepening the domain knowledge and acquiring the right attitude. Great entrepreneurs generate wealth. Not just for themselves, but for all around them and beyond. It’s a deeply rewarding and immensely satisfying journey. The world is becoming increasingly entrepreneur-friendly and those who grab the opportunity are bound to succeed. Even though hundreds of enterprises get started only handful of them hit the right track to success. Converting a start-up into a sustainable engine of growth calls for ingenuity, creativity and boldness. The ability of entrepreneurs to innovate relates to innate traits, including extroversion and a proclivity for risk-taking. Here is your opportunity to learn the secrets of successful entrepreneurship from the leaders who have proved their mettle as role models.
27 Feb 2020 2:00 pm
VBA Business Summit & Awards 2020
Dear all,
The next VBTalk will be held at Kannur on 13th July 2019. VB Members from Malabar always travel to kochi to attend the VBTalk. This time we have organized the VBTalk in Kannur and let's share support and love by attending the
Dear VBians,

Greetings from Vijayee Bhava Alumni!

I find immense pleasure to invite all members for VBTalk #47 on 20th December 2018 at Hotel Olive Down Town, Cochin.

First session will be taken by Mr Omar Shehab, Global Trainer
Mr. Jayasankar S S | VBTalk #47 | 20 December 2018| Olive Downtown, Cochin
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